Meet the Team


Service & maintenance for Overlanders in Athens, Greece

Nikos is one of the two founding members of The Pin Project & has been travelling full-time around the world for 7 years since April 2012 (first in a Suzuki Vitara and then in a self-converted Toyota Hiace campervan). He has visited more than 50 countries in Africa, Europe & America and has covered more than 150.000 km.

He is the author of Traveliving & 69 FAQ Before Going Overlandtwo Overland travel publications which are assisting & guiding the overland community since 2017. He is an active member at several travel forums and loves to share his extensive knowledge & experience.

Nikos is the founder of Overland Greece and he is responsible for the bookings, the security of your vehicle & all the logistics before & after your visit in Greece.

Along with Georgia, we also run two Writers’ Retreats in Greece, the Greek Taxi, Evia Private Tours & Evia Rent A Car companies.


Georgia has been travelling around the globe along with Nikos for 7 years. She has been the second member of The Pin Project, the first Greek overland expedition around the world that lasted for that long!

Georgia is a great navigator, housekeeper & cooker. She has cooked mousakas -the most famous Greek dish- in more than 10 countries in an attempt to present the rich Greek gastronomy culture as well as thank our hosts! She is the curator of TravelEating by Georgia, the first bilingual cooking project (in Greek & English) with recipes from around the world which is going to be published in the near future.

Georgia is responsible for your well-being & comfort during your visit in Greece & she will make sure that you will get the most out of your stay. She is in charge of housekeeping, organising all the supplies and cooking.


Dimitris calls himself an architect (for a good reason) but you will never hear to call himself a traveller. Truth be told, Dimitris is a legend among the Greek motorcycle community and this is a good excuse to meet him & let him guide you around.

Obviously, he is in love with motorbikes. This is why he owns -and rides daily depending on the occasion- a Honda moppet, a Yamaha scooter & a KTM beast. Plus, he loves to meet new people around the world, running, designing and roaming freely. Forgot to mention that he is a Frenchman & a philosopher! His moto is this: “If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.”

Dimitris is responsible for assisting all overlanders on motorbikes who set foot in Greece & are wandering around Athens (and the surroundings). If you want to organise the shipping, the regular service or do some unexpected repair (touch wood!), Dimitris is your man!

Honorable Mention

The big community of Vitara Club supported The Pin Project (our first travel project to explore the world) with any possible way. Their experience & expertise on 4wheels driving, vehicle modifications & upgrades along with the online resources which are available in their vast database were invaluable.

Vitara Club is a family, not a profit-making corporation! Their values & their resources is an authentic reflection of a typical Greek family which is always together and strives for the best for every single member. Finally, thanks to Vitara Club media gallery, we have this amazing front page collection of pictures.

Special thanks to Panos, Antonis, Stratos, Alexandros ( & Valantis.