Accommodation in Evia

We have reserved for you some unique places where you can rest, enjoy the famous Greek hospitality, camp & relax in Evia, 2 hours drive from Athens. We know how it feels to look for a place in the city centre of the capital. Or looking for a quiet & isolated place to take a break. Or just spoil yourself. Or look for a cheap place to wait for a spare part to arrive. Or wait until your vehicle make its way in a boat or in an airplane.

We have been there. We understand your needs and we know exactly how to make your life easy, spoil you and make you feel like home. Combining the famous Greek hospitality DNA along with our overland experience, we are proud to offer you a couple of options such as a campground or a little cute cottage by the sea or a stone house where you can just stay & relax. See below all the available options & drop us an email to reserve your place.

Besides that, you can arrange to run your service or get your hands dirty & do it by yourself in our workshop in Evia like Graeme & Katrina from Australia who stayed with us in winter 2017/ spring 2018 or Jan De Meester from Holland.

Location: Agios Ioannis – Aliveri (Central Greece, Evia). 2 hours drive from Athens

Info: It is a 142 square meters two-storey stone house that was recently remodelled & renovated. It has two large bedrooms with double bed and desks with mountain views, two bathrooms with shower and hot water all day, fully equipped kitchen, spacious living room with fireplace, wifi, two terraces, and a huge yard to hang out under the trees. The property has a quite big parking lot (without height limitations).

Price: 100 EUR pn*

Location: Dafni – Nerotrivia (Central Greece, Evia). 2 hours drive from Athens

Info: It is a 55 square meters cottage with one bedroom with double bed, an attic with 3 double beds, one little bathroom with shower and hot water all day, fully equipped kitchen, a spacious terrace with seaview, A/C, fireplace and outdoor shower. The outside space is huge and if you like to camp, then you are more than welcome to pitch your tent or set up your camper van. There is electricity, outside shower & hot water. 

Price: 100 EUR pn* – Camping: 5 EUR pn*

*pn: per night – Remember: Discounts are applicable for longer stays 😉

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